The Benefits of Occupational Test User Qualifications


We often receive inquiries from students and professionals who’ve heard about or been advised to complete Occupational Test User Training, but wonder about the real benefits of gaining test user qualifications. Is the investment of time and expense really worth it? We strongly believe that it is, both for you as an individual and any organisation that may employ you.

So what exactly does this qualification in psychometric testing use offer you, the one who is going to complete the courses? Why should you complete training…and what can you “do” with the knowledge, experience and qualifications it provides?

Our occupational training covers key developments and issues in testing today. Course topics including fairness in testing, adverse impact, and accommodations for testing individuals with special educational needs or disabilities. We consider the implications of differing methods of testing, such as on-line vs. direct human supervision. Trainees learn how to select appropriate measures for different applications, and how to decide if psychometric testing is necessary in a given situation.  Our trainees practice and receive personal guidance in test administration, scoring, interpretation, and client feedback.

Knowledge, skills and practice in these areas benefit persons working in a wide variety of contexts, including guidance and counselling, education, consulting, coaching, psychology, recruitment, management and business.

Persons working in guidance and counseling benefit from understanding issues faced in working with a wide variety of clients, from both a practical and legal point. Practice in testing for aptitude, ability, career interest and personality provides the knowledge and skills needed to successfully assess and advise clients.

Occupational Ability and Personality Test User Training provides extremely useful knowledge and experience along with qualifications, especially for Human Resources professionals and training consultants. In an in-house setting, your qualifications provide your organisation with an opportunity for substantial savings. There’s no need to hire and pay for external expertise or support to take advantage of psychometric tests. You can work with individuals and teams to use and apply valuable tools for recruitment and selection as well as development. You will also be trained to provide professional assessment and coaching that can help individuals understand their personalities and values better, so they can thrive in their careers.

If you are an independent consultant now or plan to become one in the future, Occupational Test User qualifications are extremely beneficial. You will be able to assist a wide range of clients, including recruitment consultants as well as senior leaders in organisations. You can also assist private clients with identifying their strengths and choosing their best careers. Psychometric testing and assessment qualification can help you earn respectable fees for prestigious, highly useful work. It is necessary to become qualified to use psychometric tests. Therefore, qualification gives you an “edge” among consultants in the field.

Students who hold the Test User qualifications have a distinct advantage in the job market, with an internationally recognized set of skills added to their CV.  Requirements for the BPS testing qualifications are frequently listed in job advertisements for recruitment, human resources, occupational psychology and counseling. Since the Test User qualifications provide access to many different types of tests, it is possible to work independently in assessment once you have these qualifications in hand.

Once qualified as an Occupational Test User, you can register on the BPS Registrar of Qualified Test Users . This provides public recognition of qualifications to access, purchase and use psychometric tests. The Test User qualifications are typically sufficient for access to measures of ability, aptitude, values, motives and career interests.

A wide variety of personality measures are also accessible with the Test User qualifications. Depending on the test publisher, additional training may be required for particular complex personality measures or other in-depth assessments. (We can help you with specific questions about Occupational Testing, or go here for more information from BPS).

Once you have received your qualification(s), you may add to your CV that you hold (as appropriate):
British Psychological Society Certificate of Registration as Test User: Occupational, Ability; British Psychological Society Certificate of Registration as Test User: Occupational, Personality.

You may refer to yourself as a Registered Test User once you have registered your test user qualifications withBenefits of Occupational Test User Qualifications - Selection by Design the BPS.

If you successfully complete both the Test User: Occupational Ability and Personality courses, you are eligible to apply for a Euro Certificate, awarded by the Board of Assessment of EFPA (European Federation of Psychological Associations). This certificate will readily identify you as meeting the standards in psychometric testing across Europe. EFPA membership includes 35 European countries.

When you opt for Occupational Test User training with Selection by Design, you’ll also have the confidence that comes from knowing, you’ve been trained by highly professional and skilled practitioners. Our training is thorough, in-depth and hands on. Our trainees gain more than qualifications—they gain expertise and the opportunity for ongoing support. We’re committed to helping every one of our trainees add significant value to his or her organization or private practice through our Occupational Test User courses.

If you have questions about the benefits of our Occupational Test User training courses, get in touch today! Or, if you’re ready to sign up for our June 22-23 (Ability) and June 24-June 25 (Personality) Occupational Test User training courses, contact us or go ahead and register here. Time is running out to enrol for these sessions, so don’t delay.

The sooner you complete the courses, the sooner you’ll gain access to the host of practical benefits Occupational Test User qualifications provide!

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