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April 17, 2024

Location:  Online

Hours: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm IST

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SxD’s 16pf (6th ed.) specialization training course leads to certification in this ‘gold standard’ personality trait assessment.

Learn how to analyse 16pf (6th ed.) report results, and apply these in employment and career decisions. Interpret trait and competency profiles for use in selection and development. Trainees gain an in-depth understanding of this influential and globally used instrument, and its many applications in the workplace. This course provides the opportunity to build practical skills in using the 16pf. Learn how to administer the assessment, interpret score results and construct purpose-specific feedback. Upon course completion, you will be qualified to purchase and use the 16pf.

Who is 16pf® specialization training for? This course is ideal for individuals who wish to include 16pf personality assessment as part of their testing skills and services. The course suits persons working in psychology, guidance counselling, education, organisational consulting, recruitment, human resources and training and development. Training is perfect for students who would like to add certification in the 16pf to their professional qualifications.

The 6th edition of the 16pf is used throughout this course. If you trained on a previous version of the 16pf, this is an excellent chance to update your knowledge and skills. If you prefer to develop your 16pf skills as you become more generally accredited in psychometric ability, aptitude, career interest and personality testing, you may enrol in SxD’s BPS/EFPA Test User training. The 16pf is included in our Test User training, along with a wide range of additional ability and personality tests.A

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I feel that the standard of course delivery was excellent. The environment created by both Barbara and Conor was open, informative and promoted individual participation. I would fully recommend this course.” – Anne-Marie Kelly

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How Selection by Design’s 16pf Specialization Training Works

Training - Selection by Design

Completing SxD’s specialization training course for the 16pf (6th ed.) involves an easy, step-by-step process.

1. Register for 16pf Specialization Training using the online registration form above. Your enrolment will be ensured when we have received full payment for the course. Arrangement for an employer’s/business invoice may also be made. Please contact us for details.

2. You’ll receive an Introductory email welcoming you to the course. You will be provided with details on how the course will run and how to access course materials.

3. Attend training for your course. Presently, our 16pf specialization training is delivered remotely in one day.

What to Expect at Selection by Design’s 16pf Specialization Training Course

Training Locations: Persons attending training can look forward to the convenience and ready accessibility of remote training.

Daily Training Schedule Courses begin promptly at start time. Breaks take place at regular intervals.

Training Session Format During the course session, instructional materials are provided through audio-visual format. Trainer presentation, group discussion, and collaborative and individual work take place. Hands-on practice in working with test materials is an important aspect of the training.

Training Course Group Size Selection by Design limits training groups to a maximum of 12 trainees per group.

Note: Selection by Design’s Test User: Occupational, Personality training is instrument specific for the 16pf (6th ed.) If you are interested in registering for Occupational Test Training with Selection by Design or have questions, please contact us.