How the 16pf® Can Help Your Organization Succeed

What would it mean if you could separate the ‘great’ from the ‘good’ when selecting and developing your workforce? For most organizations, recruitment and selection is so costly, getting it right the first time equals thousands of euros in savings. Once on board, identifying and building on employee strengths means best aligning talent with your company’s needs.

Thriving Businesses Rely On the 16pf® Products to Ensure the Right Persons Fill Key Positions

Thriving Businesses
The 16pf assessment is a valuable roadmap for decision-makers. It’s a tool that can steer you through staff selection and individual development decisions with confidence. The 16pf takes the guesswork out of assessing personality. It’s an accurate predictor of both behaviour and potential. You’ll gain a complete picture of the individuals you’re assessing. Comprehensive results reports make it easy to select new talent today, and see what’s possible in the future.

16pf® Online Tests Benefits and Features

When you choose the 16pf, you draw on 60 years of research and application. It’s a proven tool that’s earned international respect for its versatility and proven psychometric features.

  • The 16pf is an all-inclusive measure that may be used to predict performance across evolving work contexts, conditions and circumstances. This is essential in today’s workplace, where meeting the demands of change is crucial to business success.
  • Assessing 16 unique primary personality characteristics structured around the ‘Big Five’ global personality factors provides flexibility. You can assess the specific qualities or competencies your organization needs.
  • A systematic, standardized way to measure employee potential leads to fair and accurate talent decisions. You can feel confident you’ve made the right choices for employees and your business with objective personality assessment.
  • Be assured of performance, not just potential. Data driven evidence goes beyond showing capabilities to predict how individuals will interact with the demands of their work role.
  • Secure on-line administration and computer-generated results reports make the 16pf easy and convenient to use.
  • Extensive report type options allow you to choose exactly what you need based on assessment goals and your time-frame for analysis turnaround.
  • The 16pf is known and respected as the ‘gold standard’ in personality testing. It is globally recognized as the original holistic personality test for non-clinical applications. Its ever-widening use across 6 editions over 60 years attest to its reliability, adaptability and value.

16pf® Assessment – Competency Profile – What it Can Do For You

Increase Self-Awareness –

    Measures an individual’s strengths as well as areas for development for informed career choice or self-improvement activities.

Hire for Results –

    Competency-based assessment helps ensure the right job–and organization–fit. The result is engaged employees, maximized performance, and a committed workforce.

Maximize Interviews –

    Structured and insightful interviews with prompts based upon an individual’s personal 16pf report can result in better hiring decisions.

Assess Candidates from Across the Globe –

    Global implementation is at your fingertips with online availability in 20 languages, each individually researched and validated. The 16pf allows you to assess candidates fairly in their own languages.

Cost-effective, Efficient Assessment –

    • The 16pf’s many optional reports give you the flexibility to focus on just those specific qualities and competencies needed for your particular work roles. Choose the report type best matched to your requirements and pay only for what you need.

Are you 16pf certified?

Interested in using the 16pf, but not sure if you’re qualified? You’re ready to purchase and use 16pf reports if:

  • You’ve already completed 16pf training with Selection by Design or another provider.
  • You hold a BPS Test User: Occupational, Personality (former level B) qualification, with specialization in the 16pf.
  • You may be qualified to purchase the 16pf if you have been trained to work with a similar measure, or if you have an advanced degree in psychology. Please contact us to find out more.

Not yet certified? To add this essential instrument to your psychometric testing resources, complete Selection by Design’s 16pf specialization training OR our Test User Personality course.

16pf specialization training. Learn how to analyze 16pf results and incorporate these in employment decisions. Interpret trait and competency profiles for use in selection and development. Training takes place over 1 day. Register now.

BPS/EFPA Test User: Occupational, Personality accreditation. You may alternatively complete your 16pf qualification as part of Selection by Design’s Test User Personality training. This 2-day course leads to internationally recognized psychometric testing accreditation. The course may be completed along with our Test User: Occupational, Ability, providing full qualification as an Occupational Test User. Register for training now.

16pf Products – 16pf Online Tests – Competency Profile

You can access 16pf test online by purchasing the desired test and report. You will access the 16pf test questions online. The 16pf norms were estabished using cattell personality trait test proven principles. After completing the psychometric testing, you will receive a report with 16 pf test interpretation, which will examine the results of the 16 personalities test. The results you will see will show you the importance of psychometric testing.By clicking the sample report icon above, 16pf pdf report, you can obtain a better understanding of the 16pf report and evaluations. When you purchase a 16pf test online from SelectionxDesign, you will receive access to your 16pf test questions. Once the test has been completed you will receive a 16 pf test interpretation or report that uses the norms of 16pf, that some call 16 personalities test. The 16pf test allows you to closely examine an individuals personal core competency profile. By examining the 16pf sample reports, you can determine if the test would highlight your position competency profile. 16pf testing an outstanding or model employee can sometime prove a helpful insight to that position’s employee competency profile.

The 16pf offers practical applicability that’s beneficial to organizations in all industries. It’s much more than an employment skills test. It measures behaviors—things like how employees relate to other people, how coworkers support each other, and how managers lead. The 16pf gives individuals a way to articulate things they may already know about themselves, but don’t know how to express. It facilitates understanding between employees and supervisors or work team leaders, and can help those making hiring decisions to better understand candidates. Whether used to build relationships with new employees or among co-workers and teams, the 16pf is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. You can take the guesswork out of hiring and development with an assessment that’s accessible, meaningful and engaging.