Psychometric Testing: How to Put Your Training into Practice

Psychometric Testing - Selection by Design

You’ve done all of the hard work to become an accredited psychometric testing practitioner. You have your BPS Test User qualifications in hand, or at least can locate them in a filing box or proudly hanging on the office wall. Now what? A vast amount of knowledge and skills are acquired through Selection by Design’s […]

5 Essential Resources for Selecting and Comparing Psychometric Tests

You need to assess the clerical skills of a pool of 60 applicants for an administrative assistant role. Psychometric testing seems like the best approach. But which tests should you use? Whether you are an experienced psychometric Test User or initially exploring the potential benefits of including test results in an assessment, accessing information on […]

Psychometric Testing Myths and Professional Responses

Psychometric Testing Myths - Selection by Design

Psychometric testing is a proven best practice in recruitment and selection. But as a psychometric testing consultant and trainer, I know first-hand–there are some odd perceptions out there about employment tests and their value. Today I’d like to share a few of the most common misconceptions and myths I encounter and how I respond to […]

Selection by Design’s Exclusive Interview with Ebenezer Scrooge

  Recently, I visited London for the British Psychological Society Educational, Forensic and Occupational Testing Joint Verifiers’ Meeting. Just in time for the holidays, I had the extreme good fortune of meeting with one of Britain’s most renowned experts in finance to talk about hiring, employee selection and the secret to his business’s longevity. In […]

How Job Candidates Benefit by Taking Psychometric Tests

How Job Candidates Benefit by Taking Psychometric Tests - Selection by Design

In the past, we’ve talked about the benefits of psychometric tests in recruitment and evaluation processes, and how being trained and qualified to use psychometric tests is a clear advantage for individual consultants and other professionals. Yet what about those who are on the other side – the individuals who are taking the tests? Do […]

Why Do I Need Training to Access Psychometric Tests?

  Psychometric tests are used by organisations, consultants and counsellors in making workplace decisions. They can help answer questions such as: Which recruits should be shortlisted for interview? Who would make the most effective supervisor for this department? What occupations best align with my client’s skills and interests? Tests can offer a consistent, efficient and […]