Making the Most of Your Work Teams


Teams are an essential component of today’s workplace. Successful work teams achieve levels of  innovation and productivity exceeding those of individual employees. This is possible because of both the pooled knowledge and experiences of team members, and evolving team dynamics that drive problem-solving and performance approaches.

But developing a successful team can be a real challenge! We’ve put together a set of articles for you to highlight some of the potential issues facing work teams, along with steps that can ensure team success.

  1. There is an I in Team – Teamwork and trust are crucial in today’s business world. This article discusses how individual team members and managers can foster a strong, team-oriented workplace.
  2. When Does Conflict Improve Team Performance? – Conflict related to work tasks can become a conduit for improving team performance and not a potential pitfall. The right psychological climate is crucial.
  3. How to Fix the Negative Relationships that Affect Team Performance – Here are two strategies for mitigating negative relationships that can             decrease a team’s cohesiveness and ultimately its performance.
  4. How to Manage a Team that Keeps Growing – insightful Q & A with leadership and strategic advisor Steve Nguyen that provides valuable information on effective team leadership.

Understanding the preferences, personality and working styles of individual members, and how these fit together in creating team dynamics, can be an excellent starting point towards building effective work teams. When you complete Selection by Design’s Test User Personality training, you will be qualified to access and use work team assessments. Examples range from the succinct JTI type report, featuring preferred working relationships, to the comprehensive 15FQ extended Group Report and 16pf Teamwork Development Report.

Wishing you smooth and successful team building!


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