Do Test Publishers Have to Accept BPS Test User qualifications?


One common question we’re asked is, “What am I able to do once I’ve completed Selection by Design’s Test User training in Occupational Testing?”

Qualifications at the Test User level can be used as evidence of competence for the use or purchase of test materials. Ability, aptitude and career interest tests may be purchased with the Test User: Occupational, Ability qualifications, and personality tests with the Test User: Occupational, Personality qualification.

Once you have received your qualification(s) you may add to your CV that you hold (as appropriate):

British Psychological Society Certificate of Registration as Test User: Occupational, Ability; British Psychological Society Certificate of Registration as Test User: Occupational, Personality.

You may refer to yourself as a Registered Test User once you have registered your test user qualifications with the BPS.

Another question we encounter related to qualifications at the Test User level relates to test publishers: “Do test publishers have to accept the BPS Test User qualifications?”

The majority of test publishers will accept the Test User qualifications as evidence for test access. However, the BPS notes that while publishers and suppliers of test materials cannot be bound by the Society, the Society encourages them to accept the appropriate qualifications as a basis for their registration of test users.

Suppliers of tests may require evidence of additional competence before access to specific tests is granted or may require users to have additional specialist training in the use of particular instruments. It is the responsibility of the test user to check the access arrangements for specific tests with publishers directly.

If you’ve completed our Test User Occupational training and have questions or could use some guidance related to access to specific tests, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We stay current and are familiar with a variety of test publishers’ requirements, and are happy to be of assistance.

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