How to Find the Right Psychometric Test

Where and how can you find the right psychometric test for your needs? This is crucial information for anyone who works in assessment.

Today there are hundreds of tests available for organisational applications. These span areas including ability and aptitude, career interest, motives and personality. Tests may be for single individuals, or they may be designed to use with teams. They vary in levels of complexity of interpretation, depth of analysis, and potential uses of data.

Today’s tests may have options for remote vs. supervised and paper and pencil vs. computerised completion. Of course, tests also vary widely in pricing.

Test Publisher Websites

Knowing what options are available is a key step towards finding tests that best meet your needs. Test publisher websites are a great starting point.

Test publisher websites provide information on the attributes their instruments measure, details on particular tests offered for purchase, pricing, and qualifications for purchase.

Examples of websites for some of the UK and USA based publishers and resellers we work with are listed below:

Test publishers are typically happy to talk about their products, so a phone call is a great way to gain more specific details on any instrument you are interested in.

BPS Resources

The BPS publishes a directory of UK based test publishers that is well worth checking out. You can find it here. This summary can save substantial time in trying to locate website details and contact information for publishing firms. Reviews of over 150 tests are currently available. Short summary reviews can be accessed freely by the general public. More in-depth reviews are available for purchase, or are free to anyone qualified in psychometric testing and listed on the BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use. (This is a great benefit to achieving your qualification in psychometric testing!)

A large number of tests are listed here, although these are primarily tests that have been available within the UK for some time. Therefore, it may be worth checking with publishers on any updates, or newly available assessments.

You can find out more about the BPS Psychometric Testing Centre’s test reviews here:

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about how where and how to select tests! We cover issues surrounding test selection in Selection by Design’s Test User: Occupational, Ability training course.

Happy hunting!

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