16pf Sixth Edition: What’s New?

The 16pf Sixth Edition is now available, offering an appealing, fresh means of measuring personality and using assessments for employee selection and development. The newest version maintains the well-established factor structure and highly regarded features of the Fifth Edition. At the same time, the Sixth Edition offers an improved candidate testing experience, along with greater […]

Sharing Psychometric Test Scores: A Guide to Feedback Success

Psychometric test feedback - How to Ensure Success

[st_row][st_column][st_text id_wrapper=”text_344da9a2b13d319cc33486921d6ae60a” ] The central focus of psychometric testing is interpreting and sharing test results. Test feedback provides a chance to go beyond numbers and statistics to convey meaning for test takers and client organisations. Test scores may help a student make initial career choices, inform an organisation about where their candidates fall on abilities, […]

5 Essential Resources for Selecting and Comparing Psychometric Tests

You need to assess the clerical skills of a pool of 60 applicants for an administrative assistant role. Psychometric testing seems like the best approach. But which tests should you use? Whether you are an experienced psychometric Test User or initially exploring the potential benefits of including test results in an assessment, accessing information on […]

Moving Forward: Psychometric Testing and GDPR Compliance

Psychometric Testing and the GDPR

  The 25th May 2018 has passed. Where do we go from here? The new regulation has resulted in keen awareness of the kinds of personal information being gathered, processed and stored by businesses and organizations. For many, the number of companies getting in touch to request updated contact information came as a surprise and […]

The Essence and Influence of Psychological Contracts

  Psychological Contracts – What they Are, Why they Matter The term ‘psychological contract’ refers to the tacit set of expectations that guide an employee-employer relationship.  A psychological contract develops in addition to the more formally stated contract of employment.  It is an unwritten, yet implicitly understood set of promises about the relationship between the […]