The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

In previous posts we have updated you about the changes to qualifications in the area of psychometrics.

With these changes to qualifications comes another important change that we need to update you about.

Until the change-over (5th September, 2011), anyone successfully completing Level A and / or Level B training could apply to the BPS to be added to ‘The Register of Competence in Psychological Testing’.

However, this Register will now be known, in full, as ‘The Register of the British Psychological Society’s Qualifications in Test Use’. In short, it will be referred to as the RQTU, or Register of Qualifications in Test Use.

Also after 5th September 2011, ‘Certificates of Competence’ were replaced with ‘Certificates of Registration’.

The RQTU is a publicly accessible register listing those who have one or more of the BPS’s qualifications in test use. The RQTU can be accessed via

The purpose of the RQTU is to show that an individual has achieved one or more of the BPS’s qualifications in test use, is actively involved in psychological testing and has agreed to abide by the Society’s Code of Good Practice for Psychological Testing and to the Rules for Membership of the Register of the British Psychological Society’s Qualifications in Test Use. It is there to uphold standards in Educational and Occupational Testing.

Entry on the RQTU is annually renewable and is subject to maintaining your competence and to a re-validation process every six years.

This stipulation of re-validation every six years is important – it means that, once qualified, you are not automatically qualified for life. This is an important change from before and places an onus on you to continually update you psychometrics knowledge, psychological knowledge, and practice. In essence, this is saying that you are required to partake in Continual Professional Development (CPD) and ‘log’ your activities.

Don’t forget that reading Selection by Design Blog Posts could be classified as CPD. After all, you are engaging with the latest knowledge regarding the law, regulation, policy, and practice.

The RQTU allows employers or others wanting to engage a qualified test user to check an individual’s psychological testing qualifications. The BPS encourages employers only to use competent test users. It is therefore important that individual test users maintain their annual entry on the Register.

Maintenance of your entry on the Register requires payment of an annual fee and is also subject to a periodic check on your maintenance of competence.

Members of the RQTU can refer to themselves as ‘Registered Assistant Test User’, ‘Registered Test User’, or ‘Registered Specialist in Test Use’, as appropriate.

So, get trained with Selection by Design and become Registered on the RQTU!

Also, keep reading Selection by Design Blog posts to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments that can enhance your own knowledge and practice in the area of psychometrics – and log this as part of your CPD activities!

Barbara and Conor

PS: We would like to extend thanks to our colleagues on the BPS SCTS for some of the content included in this Blog.

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