The Psychology of Summer Holidays


How’s your summer going? We hope you’ve had a chance to take a break from work and studies to enjoy this warm and wonderful season! Whether you’re able to get away for a trip or spending time locally, we encourage you to make the most of our extra-long days through relaxation.

Here’s a round-up of some articles on the psychological benefits of taking and fully immersing yourself in your summer holidays. Find out why it’s crucial to detach from work, why we don’t always do so, and how to go about it…

How to Stop Working All The Time

While working long hours is often beneficial to early career advancement, as you rise to a position of leadership, maintaining this practice can damage your career prospects. Here’s what research shows, and 3 tips for training yourself to disconnect after hours… Click Here

The Importance of Detaching from Work

Considerable evidence shows that regularly detaching from work is an important key to thriving under stressful conditions. So why don’t we do it…and how can we start? Click here 

Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday (and Return)

Gone are the days when people cut off contact with work for a fortnight over the summer and made a complete break. Technology makes it too easy to stay connected to work…and too easy to return from holidays more stressed than when you left! Here are some tips for enjoying a stress-free break and return… Click here 

The Psychology of Summer Holidays

Why do holidays pass so quickly? How can we make them a better experience? Here are 6 strategies that will make your vacations better, and help you return to work happy and refreshed. Click here 

3 Reasons to Seek Awe (and Ways to Spur the Feeling)

Want to be healthier, happier and kinder? Amaze yourself. Now that you’re eager to detach from work and enjoy your summer holidays, here’s how! Discover the benefits of losing yourself to wonder… Click here 

Happy Summer!

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