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Quite often we are asked: "How many people are qualified in Level A and Level B?" Well, presented below are the currently available figures (until end of 2009):
  • Since the Level A qualification was launched in 1991, 26,798 certificates have been issued.
  • From 1995, 480 Full Level B qualifications have been issued.
  • From 1995, 9,215 Intermediate Level B qualifications have been issued.
  • From 2003, 726 Occupational Test Administration qualifications have been issued.
  • From 2004, 1,564 CCET / Educational Level A qualifications have been issued.
  • There are currently over 10,500 people on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) (which qualification holders could choose to be on).
When you complete your training with Selection by Design, you'll help to increase the number of people qualified to deliver professional testing services! Best, Barbara and Conor

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