The Essence and Influence of Psychological Contracts

  Psychological Contracts – What they Are, Why they Matter The term ‘psychological contract’ refers to the tacit set of expectations that guide an employee-employer relationship.  A psychological contract develops in addition to the more formally stated contract of employment.  It is an unwritten, yet implicitly understood set of promises about the relationship between the […]

How to Get Results You Can Trust with Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

  Do test scores truly indicate a person’s ability, or accurately reveal their personality? Psychometric assessments are used to make decisions about employees, so it is essential that scores really do indicate a person’s likely behaviour. Accuracy of results is affected by both the test itself and the way in which it is administered and […]

16pf Report Options – Make the Most of Personality Profiles

  The 16pf is a renown in-depth measure of personality. It offers evaluation of wide-ranging, broad factors (similar to the Big 5), while also breaking down contributions from more specific, unitary primary factors. This combination covers the full spectrum of traits making up personality. The depth of analysis provided through this measure holds implications for […]

The 16pf in Practice: Personality Traits are Crucial to Job Performance

Personality traits have been linked with job performance and satisfaction within occupational roles in a number of psychological studies. When personality is considered in employment selection, individuals are likely to perform at a higher level; they are also more likely to gain greater satisfaction and fulfilment from a job suited to their personality. The 16pf […]