Tests You Can Access with Test User Qualifications (BPS/EFPA )

BPS/EFPA Test User: Tests You Can Access - SelectionxDesign.com

  We receive a lot of queries on which tests can be accessed and used once you have obtained Test User qualifications. Recently I came across a new and valuable reference for identifying and locating accessible tests: the newly published British Psychological Society (BPS) “Tests available to RQTU members.” Whether you’re an experienced psychometrician or […]

The Veiled Benefits of the BPS/EFPA Test User Ability Qualification

  We work with many people who undertake Occupational Test User Ability and Personality courses to become qualified to access psychometric tests. This is a clear benefit of Test User training, but it is not the only one. The Test User courses provide a much broader array of knowledge and skills than may be apparent […]