Psychometric Testing – Six Secrets to Success

Psychometric Testing for HR

Successful psychometric testing can mean different things to the test-taker and to the administrator. If you’re completing an ability or aptitude test, the goal may be to achieve results that will pass a cut-off point, or allow progression to the next level in a recruitment campaign. As a test administrator, you may consider testing as […]

How to Get Results You Can Trust with Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

  Do test scores truly indicate a person’s ability, or accurately reveal their personality? Psychometric assessments are used to make decisions about employees, so it is essential that scores really do indicate a person’s likely behaviour. Accuracy of results is affected by both the test itself and the way in which it is administered and […]

Computerised Test Reports in the Selection Process? Proceed with Caution…

Online testing and computerised test reports continue to grow in popularity as easy, cost-effective psychometric assessment options. They allow for quick processing of any number of individuals, yet can also be used for just a few candidates. The need for office space for testing sessions can be eliminated; so can the need for staff to administer […]

Applying Psychometric Concepts: 7 Tips for Effective Testing in the Classroom

effective testing

  Psychometric tests offer important advantages in assessment. The following qualities give a test user or administrator some assurance that a psychometric test will measure consistently, accurately and fairly: Evidence for the statistical qualities of validity and reliability will have been examined before test publication. It will be possible to see if test questions reflect […]