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16pf® 6th ed Questionnaire: Comprehensive Insights Report – An extensive report providing profile overview, candidate feedback, and manager feedback. This all-encompassing report is an excellent option when the 16pf is used for purposes spanning talent acquisition, development, and career progression. It provides professional practitioners with our most extensive analysis of a candidate’s 16pf results, including:

The Comprehensive Insights report uniquely includes sections that may be directly given to the candidate and their manager, summarizing profile scores and implications for experiences at work. Candidate feedback report.  A brief, sharable assessment of the candidate’s 16pf profile. A non-technical, easily followed description of results is presented, across the 5 global factor areas. Manager Feedback report. Provides a readily interpreted description of the candidate’s traits and predicted behaviours across the 5 global factors of Relating to others, Influence and collaboration, Thinking style, Structure and flexibility, and Management of pressure. This report may be used by supervisors and managers to foster discussion and employee development.

16pf® 6th ed Questionnaire: Comprehensive Insights Report

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