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16pf® 6th ed Questionnaire: Competency Profile & Interview Guide

Profile of 20 work competencies scores, with guide for competency-based interviewing. 

An indispensable report for evaluating and exploring potential performance across essential job competencies. Candidate scores on 20 of the most commonly required competencies are presented and summarized. Interview questions that may be used to verify and explore the candidate’s scores are included for each competency. This time-saving tool for preparing to interview makes this report highly useful for recruitment and selection applications.

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16PF Testing Provides Insights to Competency

Can personality measures really predict job performance? A psychological test for employment can be used to measure workers' skills, traits or competencies. These test scores can then be correlated with job performance ratings. A strong association means the employment aptitude test is a valid predictor of job success.

An example is a UK-based 16pf validation study. Over 100 customer contact call centre representatives provided 16pf scores. Job performance ratings included customer satisfaction surveys and supervisor ratings of key competencies like customer focus and team work. Among the findings, reps with greater customer satisfaction ratings were more dominant and eager to influence others. Reps who were more trusting and emotionally stable rated as better performers. The 16pf proved a valuable addition to future recruiting for customer service reps.

A common use of psychometric testing is as part of pre employment screening tests, but measures of skills, abilities, personality and emotional intelligence are also useful in career development and guidance. For example, a cognitive ability test for employment might be given to an individual with a strong interest in becoming an architect. Does this person have the levels of mathematical and mechanical reasoning skills typical of those working as designers?

Considering personality, are they attentive to detail, confident, independent yet creative? Career interest inventories can also be useful tools for career advisors, as they indicate a person's preferences and interests for different types of activities. With an understanding of strengths, abilities, personality and preferences, a career advisor can recommend occupations in which individuals are most likely to succeed.

When companies hire, success relies on making accurate decisions about job candidates. Over the past two decades, pre-employment assessment has increasingly included psychometric testing along with the more traditional selection techniques like CV review, interviews, and reference checks. Tests may indicate ability, skills and aptitudes. In-depth measures of personality and potential may be used to predict performance and workplace behaviour.

When used as part of candidate screening, an employment assessment test may offer key perspective on how the candidate is likely to respond to things like work demands, required interactions with teammates and customers, or requirements for adherence to workplace rules. The 16pf is great example of a test that can predict these types of specific work relevant behaviors.

Decades of research (e.g., Cattell & Mead, 2008) indicates those who thrive in sales tend to be attentive, confident and spontaneous in relating to others. They are typically easy-going, self-assured and resilient. Candidates with these traits may thrive in sales, increasing profits. Even after accounting for testing costs, utility of this psychometric measure would be shown.

If your organization needs to hire HR personnel, employee assessment can help. You may know you need a Human Resource specialist to facilitate recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing employees, and to handle benefits and payroll. Beyond administrative functions, Human Resources personnel also manage employee relations, training programs, career counseling and perform other functions that involve inter-personal relationships and helping people.

Extensive research across decades has identified 16pf profiles for individuals in social/helping professions such as HR. The 16pf Questionnaire, which scores both the broader, second-order personality traits as well as the more specific and precise primary traits, is a comprehensive pre employment personality test that can help ensure you hire the right talent for your HR team.

There are many different approaches to measuring personality traits. A number of these are examples of a big five personality test. Trait scores are measured on 5 general dimensions. Some assessments offer a breakdown of their five overall factors into specific component traits. These tests are typically based on the structure of Cattell’s 16pf.

Alternative measures of single, specifically work-related attributes are also available. Examples include tests that predict work-tenure, or propensity for honesty in dealing with customers and colleagues. In choosing occupational tests, it is important to first identify the attributes you need to measure to predict job success. Base your criteria for hiring on what the job actually requires.

When purchasing a 16pf test online from us, we will provide you access to your 16pf test questions. The 16pf test version will determine your 16 pf test interpretation report. The 16pf norms were estabished using Cattell personality trait test proven principles. After completing the psychometric testing, you will receive a report with 16 pf test interpretation, which will examine the results of the 16 personalities test. The results you will see will show you the importance of psychometric testing.     16pf® 6th ed Questionnaire: Competency Profile & Interview Guide - Easy 16pf online testing - Psychometric test

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