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Customer Service Representative for High Security Positions Test € 15.00 Details This psychometric employment test can assess personal and ethical conduct, and help you identify candidates capable of being trusted with confidential information. Quantity Option on Payment Page
Law Enforcement Officer Comprehensive Assessment € 400.00 Details This online pre-employment test provides a comprehensive evaluation of law enforcement officer candidates, so you can assess fitness for law enforcement duties as well as whether an individual would make a solid, reliable employee. Quantity Option on Payment Page
PAI (Personality Assessment Inventory for Law Enforcement) € 50.00 Details This assessment is designed to aid employers in evaluating potential mental health problems in candidates for jobs such as police officers, public safety officers, corrections officers, state troopers, security guards, etc. It meets most standards for a clinical evaluation requirement as part of the hiring process. Quantity Option on Payment Page
Security Guard test € 35.00 Details Use this online test to identify individuals who are dependable, hard working, come across as cordial and polite, have the strength of character to manage unruly people and facilitate cooperation without use of force. Quantity Option on Payment Page
STAY Inventory – Still There After a Year Test € 15.00 Details This testing tool can help you identify candidates most likely to quit in the first year vs those who are inclined to stay with you longer term. Quantity Option on Payment Page

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