Consulting Services

Consulting with Selection by Design involves a unique 4 step process that’s designed to produce maximum benefits for our clients in a convenient, cost effective and highly personalized way.

Selection by Design’s four step consulting process includes an initial free Consultation, Selection of tests and measures based on your unique goals, Completion of testing at your convenience and a Solution that includes practical feedback and recommendations.

1.Consultation Services

Business Consultation

Business Consultation

Your initial Consultation will take place over the phone or face-to-face, according to your preferences.

This free initial Consultation is designed to help us understand your needs. In a relaxed, question and answer conversation format, we’ll find out what exactly it is you’re hoping to achieve through occupational and career based assessment.

During this first step in our consulting process, we’ll discover answers to important questions about your goals:

Are you considering undertaking training to re-focus your career? Are you beginning a new course of study, or thinking of switching your present study course?

Are you looking for personal growth and development in any particular area, such as leadership, working with others, or another particular skill?

Would you like to expand your self-knowledge about the best possible career choices for your unique personality and interests?

These are just a few of the many reasons clients seek and benefit from occupational testing and career based assessment. During our conversation, you’ll provide the information we need in order to determine your needs.

At the end of the initial consultation, we’ll be prepared to move forward and decide whether or not our services are a good fit for you – and vice versa!

2. Selection

Once your needs are clearly outlined, we can select the appropriate tests and measures that will help you meet your goals.

The Selection process is individually tailored, not a “one size fits all” approach! The tests and measures selected reflect your exact goals and needs, so they lead to personalized solutions you can apply in practical ways.

Sometimes, testing isn’t always the answer for our clients. Our consultants explore every possible option to present solutions that best meet our clients’ needs. If testing won’t help you meet your goals, we’ll provide an alternative solution that is more suited to your unique situation.

Discussion with you about the tests or measures we’ve selected is part of the selection process. Once we’re in agreement about the Selection, a €50 down payment for agreed upon services is required. We’ll then move on to the next step: Completion.

3. Completion

Once you’ve accepted the Selection, agreed to and paid the fees associated with your testing and reporting, we’ll provide the tests for you to complete. This may be done online or with paper and pencil, according to your preferences and the nature of the test. In most cases, tests are completed in our clients’ own time and space at their convenience.

4. Solution

After your tests are completed and returned to Selection by Design, scores are interpreted and recommended actions are outlined in a comprehensive report as agreed during Selection (step 2). Typically, it takes about 2 weeks from Completion until your results report and Solution are prepared.

We then schedule a face-to-face meeting where test results and your Solution are discussed in depth. Meetings typically take place at our Dublin location, though alternative arrangements are feasible. This results and Solution meeting and discussion typically takes around 60 minutes.

Full payment for services is due at the time of your results and Solution meeting. You’ll receive a copy of your full Solutions report as well as your test results at this time.

During the results and Solution meeting, scores are interpreted in depth and recommended actions are reviewed. Any questions you may have about your results are answered at this time.

Benefits of the 4 Step Consulting Process

There are 4 key benefits to the Selection by Design 4 step consulting process.

1. Every step of the process is individually tailored and personalized, so your results reflect real world solutions you can put to practical use.

2. Client input is a top priority throughout the entire process, so there are no surprises such as unnecessary, expensive testing you don’t want or need.

3. Once you’re familiar with our consultation process, you can easily work with Selection by Design anytime you need new direction or input on an important work-related decision.

4. Our consulting process is designed to be efficient and cost-effective, plus flexible enough to meet the diverse range of our clients’ needs.

Let us know how we can help you meet your employment selection and career development goals!

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